Veganism rejects the exploitation of animal as commodities, and thus vegans avoid both the use and ingestion of animal products. While I am not vegan, I am very sympathetic to this philosophy and feel implored to, if not take part, provide any reasonable support for veganism. The bottom line is that the meat industry is a huge contributor to many terrible effects on our already strained eco-systems. There is a serious lack of both vegan options and vegan restaurants in St Louis.
At Lona’s Lil Eats, 80 percent of our menu is vegan. And in any category of food, we offer a vegan option. We do this from spring rolls, dumplings, to proteins, and sauces. Another thing we do for our vegan brothers and sisters is offer a fair price. Our proteins are priced according to my cost. It pisses me off when vegans are taxed for being vegan. In most cases veganism is less expensive, so why would restaurants jack up the price? Supply and demand perhaps? We don’t.
The economic externalities of the meat industry are horrific, which are never calculated in. And besides, we want to encourage people to go vegan, vegans pick up some of the slack where the rest of us are failing to take seriously that aspect of our life-style choices.
But moving away from the ethical and economic aspects of veganism, the health benefits appear to be plentiful. Vegan diets have more fiber, less saturated fats, cholesterol and other shitty fats. While some say meat has B vitamins that are necessary from humans, supplements are readily available in this day and age and are a weak counter point to the vegan way of life.
So where do we fit in specifically?
At Lona’s Lil Eats, every form of food can be made vegan. The springs rolls are served with a vegan peanut sauce made in-house. Lona’s hand-rolled dumplings are made with dough she makes herself containing no egg or lard and never frozen. The filling is made of Crimini mushrooms, onions, greens , and a touch of homemade pickle. The dipping sauce includes roasted pepper corns from Lona’s village and is not only vegan but gluten-free and paleo as well. The famous Giant Rice Paper Wrap and flour wraps are both vegan, and can be filled with stir-fried non-GMO tofu. The stir-fried whole grain rice, Jasmine rice, steamed noodles, and raw veggies are all vegan. Finally, 4 of 5 sauces are vegan, including: the lime-ginger-peanut sauce, Lona-Q, sesame, and smoked vinaigrette. Finally, 9 of 10 sides are all vegan.
The red carpet is waiting our vegan brothers and sisters.

Come check us out!